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The building was built on a land area of 12 thousand 546 square meters in Bağcılar by Metro Hayat project. 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment types in the project in the housing areas vary between 130 to 191 square meters. As the name suggests, Metro Hayat project is located in the middle of the Metro transportation network. Metro Life project, located at the intersection of Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey and Yenikapı - Mahmutbey Metro lines, is easily accessible by rail system such as Basaksehir, Bagcilar, Otogar, Aksaray, Yenikapi, Marmaray, Esenler, Gaziosmanpasa, Kagithane, Mecidiyekoy, Besiktas, Halkali, Esenyurt and Bahcesehir. . The project is within walking distance of mosques, schools, universities and hospitals.

Metro Hayat Tip 1-B
Tip 1-B
Service Charge: 351,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 1-C
Tip 1-C
Service Charge: 309,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 2-C
Tip 2-C
Service Charge: 336,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 1-A
Tip 1-A
Service Charge: 456,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 2-A
Tip 2-A
Service Charge: 492,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 2-B
Tip 2-B
Service Charge: 444,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 3-B
Tip 3-B
Service Charge: 480,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 3-C
Tip 3-C
Service Charge: 417,00 TL
Metro Hayat Tip 4-B
Tip 4-B
Service Charge: 573,00 TL
Plan Housing Type Floor Plan Room Count Square Meters Service Charge Parking Slot
Metro Hayat Tip 1-B Flat Tip 1-B 2+1 117 351,00 TL 1
Metro Hayat Tip 1-C Flat Tip 1-C 2+1 103 309,00 TL 1
Metro Hayat Tip 2-C Flat Tip 2-C 2+1 112 336,00 TL 1
Metro Hayat Tip 1-A Flat Tip 1-A 3+1 152 456,00 TL 2
Metro Hayat Tip 2-A Flat Tip 2-A 3+1 164 492,00 TL 2
Metro Hayat Tip 2-B Flat Tip 2-B 3+1 148 444,00 TL 2
Metro Hayat Tip 3-B Flat Tip 3-B 3+1 160 480,00 TL 2
Metro Hayat Tip 3-C Flat Tip 3-C 3+1 139 417,00 TL 2
Metro Hayat Tip 4-B Flat Tip 4-B 4+1 191 573,00 TL 2
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Address: Bağcılar İstanbul

District : Göztepe Mahallesi

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