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Apa GİZ Office project, which was implemented by GİZ İnşaat in Levent district with a project area of ​​22 thousand 385, consists of 31 floors and all commercial office floors. The Apa Giz project, the construction of which started in 2006, is at the heart of Istanbul Business life. Apa Giz has a gross floor area of ​​570 m² and has a total of 50 offices, 4 on the first two office floors and 2 on each of the other 21 office floors. There is a closed car park for 6 cars for each office floor on 5 parking floors, each of which is approximately 2000 m2. Apa GIZ project, which provides access to the floors with a total of 7 elevators, includes 2 panoramic elevators on the parking lot and shopping floors, 4 and 1 freight elevators on the parking lot and office floors. Designed according to ASHRAE air conditioning system standards, Apa GIZ is also provided with hiller, boiler and fan-coils system. 2 air-cooled, double-circuit, environmentally friendly chillers were selected in the building, a 4-pipe fan-coil system was installed. Heating - Cooling and Ventilation systems are monitored by central automation. The exterior of the project is designed as aluminum curtain wall and composite plate coating, and the glass consists of heat glass with high heat coefficient and solar reflection, with a colored reflective layer on the inner surface. The Apa Giz project, which is under 24-hour control with the addressable detection system against fire, is protected by the Sprinkler system, while there are 2 fire stairs. The Apa Giz project, which is protected by a 24-hour security company, is monitored from inside and outside with a closed circuit camera system.

Apa Giz A
Service Charge: TL
Apa Giz B
Service Charge: TL
Plan Housing Type Floor Plan Room Count Square Meters Service Charge Parking Slot
Apa Giz A Flat A 5+2 285 TL 2
Apa Giz B Flat B 5+2 550 TL 4
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Address: Beşiktaş İstanbul

District : Levent Mahallesi

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